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Anxious about your sweaty palms every time you need to shake hands with someone? Embarrassed by your sweaty underarms? Sweating is a normal body reaction to heat or anxiety. However, in some individuals, excessive sweat production can result in embarrassment and a lack of confidence. BOTOX is used to reduce excessive sweating; a micro-needle is used to inject tiny amounts of botulinum toxin into the affected areas of the skin, paralysing the nerves that stimulate sweat production.

At S-create, we initially assess the specific areas requiring treatment and follow you up 2 weeks after the procedure to ensure desired results. The number of injections needed vary depending on the surface area of treatment so book in for a free consultation to discuss how we can help!

Procedure: The skin is cleaned using antiseptic cleansers. Small amounts of BOTOX is injected using a very fine needle into carefully marked areas on the palms or under arms.

Anaesthesia: Topical numbing cream

Pain level: Minimal

Time taken: Less than 30 minutes

Cost: £400

Areas that can be treated: Underarms

Return to work: Within 24 hours

Results: Last 3-9 months

Risks: Temporary swelling and bruising

Contra-indications: Pregnant/ breastfeeding, active skin infection, neuromuscular disorders

Full details including side effects, expected outcome, cautions and aftercare will be discussed during your free initial consultation.